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Straight forward RPG

This game is easy to play and very straight forward with little secrets to look for. It is very typical RPG from this company. There are 2 big issues for me that I have to reduce 2 stars. 1) the game is interrupted with too many story talks. Each time you enter a town/dungeon, you will have to go through a series of conversations. Too much details of what's going on and it gets old and annoying later on. 2) the game has bugs. This is a paid game and it has obvious bugs, effects from many magic gems don't work at all! All multiple normal hit gems don't work. Damage multiplier gem (with number of mobs) doesn't work. Damage multiplier of counter gem doesn't work. Too many of gems are useless. I paid for a game with serious bugs that could have been tested way before and/or fixed a long time ago. After 3 years of releasing and the game still has the bugs? It doesn't deserve 5 stars review.


Great game !

Great game so far...

However, I have only been messing with it for about an hour. If I change my mind I will update this review.


Good times...




Fun game. Some interesting new features.

On the right track

One of the better kemco games. There are a few things I wish they would at least try to include. We have some great technology and these games still don't include some updated battle animations. Some of the skills don't even make since the way they are animated. Also when you equip a new weapon I would love to see an actual new weapon in battle. As for the story, most of these games have a lot of pointless talking. I like a good story when there is a good story. But most of these games are pretty much "cookie cutter" stories. Also these new 3d games are a lot better than some of the previous Kemco rpgs but both main characters are basically the same. I have hated the main character in both games. I haven't played the third one yet so the jury is out on it so far. I feel like Kemco has a lot of opportunity to make some really great games.

A Beautiful Game from Start to Finish

I love Kemco games, because they are so much fun to play. This is probably one of my favorites. I love the storyline, the Japanese voices were amazing, the music is so beautiful. It feels like baroque music mixed with rock and it mixes so wonderfully together. Play the game from start to finish and you will not be disappointed. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who loves RPG games or starting to get into playing that genre.

Great game

Good game. Great storyline and is pretty challenging. Worth getting if you're into classic rpg's.

Fun game

Reminds me of old ps1 games it's enjoyable

Wonderful game


Great game

Just finished the game and it was very good interesting characters great story and the graphics look great

Another great 3D RPG surprise.

You surprised me once again, kemco. I can tell that the battle effects have improved, more challenges to take, and the majority of the rpg visuals are quite similar to Alphadia Genesis. Keep up the great work kemco!

So far so good

Not a bad little RPG. I'm only a hour into it but it's intriguing!

No In-app Download Plz

Dear developers, how difficult would it be if u make it a whole app, without downloading files before players could start playing?

The first great KEMCO RPG

Good retro graphics, reminiscent of FF3. Really good length for 3.99, especially with the True Ending storyline. Nothing spectacular story wise, but a solid effort. This is the best KEMCO has done so far.

Unplayable resolution

Game only runs in landscape orientation but is letter boxed to a portrait shaped viewport on a retina iPad mini. This is amazingly annoying and disappointing. I'll be seeking a refund since the screenshots show a landscape view. Don't touch this one until they fix the crazy letterboxing.

Amazing and surprising release, well worth the price just for the voice acting

Amazing voice acting, hilarious script, and a robust magic system makes for one of the better RPG releases on the App Store. Uses the new 3D engine, as well as a zoom in/out overworld feature, is a great experience. Dogwood is awesome.

Best kemco game!!!

By far one of the best games kemco has put out love it a must buy can't go wrong on this one everything is smooth down to the controls.

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